Pearce Jewelry Custom Creations

Pearce Jewelers recognizes that even with all the available designs in the marketplace today, sometimes nothing quite matches your unique fashion and style. Throughout the past fifty plus years, Fred and Kate have developed an ever-changing and individually stylistic approach to their jewelry work. The Pearce’s creations have been exhibited widely, most notably in the Museum of Decorative Arts in NYC, The Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY, Cartier’s and Georg Jensen Stores in NYC, Bellagio in NC, Clarksville Pottery in Austin, TX and numerous additional fine art galleries around the USA. They were awarded Designers of the Year in 1990 by the Jewelers’ of America, and Jewelers of the Year 2001 by the NH Jewelers’ Association. They have been extensively published. Most recently Author Renee Newman incorporated numerous photographs of the Pearce’s jewelry creations in her books: Gemstone Buying Guide, The Pearl Buying Guide, and The Jewelry Handbook, all published by International Jewelry Publications:

Hand Forged and Finished

Both Fred & Kate received BFA degrees from Syracuse University in 1967. After teaching art in Public and Private schools they moved to Deer Isle, Maine in 1969. They developed a saleable line of hand forged jewelry which was eagerly purchased by the emerging legions of American Craft stores around the USA. They enriched their marriage with a wholesome lifestyle of farming, fishing and raising livestock on their coastal farm. In 1978 they moved with their two sons to the Upper Valley of N. H. The children, both grown now, are both actively involved in the jewelry world. Fritz and his wife have "Fritz & Mischell", a studio and shop in Kelseyville, CA and Noah is the head of Quality Control for F. Goldman (ArtCarved) in NYC.

Fred Pearce is a master model maker and sculptor with over six decades of experience. As a young student, he studied with the master sculptors and artists of Cape Ann, Massachusetts. He has the unique ability to envision a completed design based on subtle directions from our clients. When other jewelers are asking "Why?", Fred is saying, "Why not?" Combining elements of jewelry supplied by the client with gems from our own collection he has produced some very exciting designs. Our cliends never look at their "obsolete jewelry" in the same way after participating in the design process with Fred.


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